Slaybreed Studios Release Guide

I have been releasing music under the Slaybreed Studios name for some time. Here's a list of all the current releases. I'll be back to update this list when new releases come out.

Some of them might be reissued with better mixing techniques, new content and remixes, so on... so if you are a collector, get them while you can.

Serial# Title Artist
SLAYBR001 red01.ruby Sanxion7
SLAYBR002 2009 Sanxion7
SLAYBR003 2008 Sanxion7
SLAYBR004 2007 Sanxion7
SLAYBR005 2006 Sanxion7
SLAYBR006 2005 Sanxion7
SLAYBR007 2004 Sanxion7
SLAYBR008 as i hear them in my head Sanxion7
SLAYBR009 as i hear them in my head ii Sanxion7
SLAYBR010 as i hear them in my head ]I[ Sanxion7
SLAYBR011 as i hear them in my head iv Sanxion7
Electrum Malleus Sanxion7
SLAYBR013 Electrum Malleus Remix Construction Kit Sanxion7
SLAYBR014 Do You Feel Me? Sanxion7
SLAYBR015 What Was Once Old Is Old Once Again Volume 1 Sanxion7
SLAYBR016 Rush Pleska
SLAYBR017 Destroyer + Monsters Saxxon Fox
SLAYBR018 Beats and Things Sanxion7
SLAYBR019 AXES saxxon fox remix Saxxon Fox
SLAYBR020 2003 SaxxonPike
SLAYBR021 Haunted (Tel a'Tamus) Saxxon Fox