Security Updates

Welcome to the new site!

I migrated from a years-old versions of Ghost. Earlier this year, I noticed some strange log entries and all the system's previously-allowed SSH keys were no longer allowed. This prevented me from gaining access to the system. Thankfully, DigitalOcean provided a backup measure in case the system becomes otherwise entirely inaccessible. I was able to retrieve the blog posts, images and file content from that server before shutting it down.

It does not appear that the integrity of any of the served files themselves was compromised; the hashes and content check out. It could very well have been a freak occurrence. But I don't like to leave things up to chance. That server is no more. It has been rebuilt from scratch.

Furthermore, no user data was stolen, because there was no user data. I will continue to anonymize visitors to the site where I can. Newer versions of Ghost allow you to subscribe; I do not plan to keep this feature active. ILP may not have actually experienced a breach, but it will primarily remain as low value as possible for these sorts of things.

Thanks for your patience over the last couple months. Migration has not been a simple process, but the site is better off for it. I have a lot of draft posts pertaining to retro PC gaming activities; stay tuned!